Official UEFA Champions League Subbuteo Product

Product Description

All what it takes to play your ultimate UEFA Champions League match at home.

This marvelous playset includes:

2 Complete Subbuteo teams
1 High quality UEFA Champions League pitch
1 Official UEFA Champions League ball
2 Subbuteo goals
1 Game rules

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  1. Martin

    I have just bought a Champions League set from Argos but am disappointed with the pitch. I believe it is far too small. FIFA dimensions are 70 to 80 yards wide & 110 to 120 yards long. Scaling down to 00 scale as the players are, the pitch is way out of scale.

    On the plus side I think the figures are good. They are low based & stable & as you say don’t break so easy. It’s good to see Subbuteo relaunched with some better quality products but the pitch needs a rethink!

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